Revolving Children’s Shoe Racks

Revolving Children's Shoe Racks - Rakkiddo for Kids

This revolving chidren’s shoe rack from Rakkiddo will amaze your children. Get one for the new year 2016 at just 50$. Imagine how your kids will smile when seeing this cool moving shoe racks. I know mine will coz she usually will wine about placing her shoes in the normal rack. Hence I am thinking of getting this one for her.

The mini version of this rakkiddo’s shoe wheel can store up to 20 pair of shoes. It comes with three colors: pink, white and blue. And dont worry about the shoe will slide off the Wheel as it wont thanks to its elastic band which will secure your little ones’ shoe easily.

The adult version is also available at 129.95$ at amazon and it  can hold up to 30 pair of shoes.

Revolving Children's Shoe Racks - Rakkiddo for Kids
Revolving Children’s Shoe Racks – Rakkiddo for Kids

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