Golf Caddy for kids Review

Kids toys are evolving since the development of the Internet. Nowadays we can source for all type of kids’s toy online. Likewise, today’s toy I’d like to review is the my sunshine golf caddy by MySunshine company. This great golf caddy is for kids from the age of 5 to 7 years old. At the moment, it costs at just 15.99$ on amazon.



MySunShine Golf Caddy comes with four color-sets: Blue, Light Blue, Pink and dark blue. This golf toy set is good for a girl or a boy who likes sport games. My six year-old boy in fact has one at home and he loves playing with it every other days and I do like to play with him too. The down side is that it hurts my back a little bit as I have to bend down in order to hit the ball.

You see playing golf is not really my hobby but still I do enjoy every single days with my two boys. They are lovely and they do enjoy outdoor sport and this Golf toy set really works well for my boys. You too, should get one  today


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