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Rose de la Broye Public Bench in Switzerland

Rose de la Broye Public Bench overlooking the country side

As you know, I had visited Switzerland in early 2017. I had hired a car for that purpose, while it is an expensive country, I find the scenery is so beautiful and their architecture is just awesome with some modernized design and some ancient design. Likewise, what attracts me as a tourist in a hire car is their free toilet along the highway resting place (as compare to French and German highway where I do not recall seeing a public toilet available to be used). Well, in those rest room, I also like their public bench that looks aesthetically appealing and functional at the same time.

Rose de la Broye

Along Switzerland highway, there are usually a pit stop with restaurant and hotel between 30 to 70 km from one another. The Rose de la Broye is yet another pit stop with beautiful scenery. One of its unique statue is the swiss army fighter jet placed just outside this pit stop.

rose de la broye swiss army fighter jet
The other features of this pit stop is its hotel (park inn), two small shops, two restaurants (one is McDonald) and a large outdoor playground. It is perfect for any family travelling with children of less than 12 years old because it let the children to run around and get tired and ready for the next round of the trip.

rose de la broye kids playground rose de la broye mcdonald kids playground

Rose de la Broye Public Bench

Oops, I almost forget the purpose of this post is to showcasing the Switzerland public benches. Yes, I really find their public benches interesting and functional. In fact, I take some photos of the public bench located in the children playground within Rose de la Broye pit stop – see below:

Rose de la Broye Public Bench overlooking the country side Rose de la Broye Public Bench view of village Rose de la Broye Public Bench

From the look of this public bench, I am pretty sure I can DIY back in Indonesia. I will need another guy to help me out, though, as the wooden chuck looks heavy to me. Well, I will also need to find at least 7 pieces of recycled wooden plank and tree trunk in order to undertake the DIY project. The result will definitely be satisfying and I will, hopefully, bring a piece of Switzerland back home.

Since, photo may not be clear enough, I get a chance to take video of this bench from my iPhone. So check it out here in my YouTube Account. Please subscribe to my channel too.



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