Green designer lounge chair by Nico Klaeber

nico klaber designer chair in green and black

We are not looking at cheap acapulco chair today. Instead, we are going to explore more on the expensive side of chair. Here I am speaking about designer chair which means the chair are hand made or machine made but are designed exclusively by famous designer. In this post, in particular let me introduce to you a green designed lounge chair by Nico Klaeber.

Who is Nico Klaeber

Nico who is based in Koeln, Germany is an Industrial Manager design. He is famous for his lounge stylish chair which he created in 2010 with a features of ‘no armrest’.

who is Nico Klaeber

Green Lounge Chair

This oversize green lounge chair has everything, from comfort and style to large size, making it a modern chair for any home. It is a brainchild of a german designer named Nico Klaeber as introduced earlier.

It large and tall back let you lean back and relax in any convenience. Another interesting feature of this chair is not what it has, but what’s missing – the armrest. The hands-free design allows you to sit in any way that brings extra versatility to the lounge chair. This lounge chair offers excellent addition to your living room, a stove or a house, an office or a library, or even a great intersection in a modern bedroom. Let these stylish chairs help inspire your home decor.

green material soft and comfort oversize lounge chair model sleeping in a green designer chair nico green designer lounge chair nico klaber designer chair in green and black

Conclusion Remark

Doing business? Want to impress your customers? why not get one of these designer chair? Indeed, designed chair are more expensive but they are durable and can easily impress your guests with the exclusive feel and look of your office. These chairs are even more important for those in the interior design world as they boost the effective marketing to your clients. So yes, hope you can look beyond any cheap chair and get one of these exclusive comfortable chair instead.

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