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  • Reds Meshkin Tribal Rug Persian
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    Reds Meshkin Tribal Rug Persian

    Middle East produces one of the best quality rugs in the world. Of no exception is this reds Meshkin Tribal rug Persian. This Persian rugs adds additional beauty to any home. Whether it is to be used in a traditional home or a modern home, handmade vintage rugs maintains its quality, softness, smoothness, durability, originality […] More

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    Tapis Nain by Pfister costs more than 28’500CHF

    When it comes to rug, I love the oriental design and so I went to Pfister to check out some of their designer rug. One of the rug that stick out is Tapis Nain or Nain Rug – see the photo below. The price for this nain rug is pretty heavy and stands at 28’500CHF […] More

  • Original Wooden Rugs by RUCKSTUHL 1
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    Original Wooden Rugs by RUCKSTUHL

    Create a home that adopts the natural surroundings in particular is very good, it can make it work and presence in the Original Wooden Rugs by RUCKSTUHL. A blend of elegant yet eco-friendly look there on the Wooden Rugs. Wooden Rugs is known as (Legno-Legno) using 100% of the wooden, has a size of 100 […] More