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  • astro 50 ceiling and wall lighting

    Beautiful Chandelier Lighting by Metallux – Astro

    This beautiful chandelier, called Astro by Metalux, is ideal for those looking to make some confidant lighting choices that still make a superb statement. It’s a large chandelier, that’s for sure, though the soothing and ethereal peculiarity allows it to be oversized but being overwhelmingly inappropriate. It’s only simply stunning. Astro is a dangling light […] More

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    Unique Goatee Desk Lamp 2013

    A masterpiece of art lingting come from Goatee Desk Lamp 2013, A caricature of iconic lamp forms, Goatee is designed to introduce a bit of playfulness into everyday tasks. The handle allows for quick adjustment of the lamp’s height and orientation while acting as a counterweight to hold the structure in place. More

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    Plywood Lamp Series by Northern Light

    Present new lighting products more attractive, as we saw on the plywood floor and pendant lamps Diva series by Northern Light. These are all very visible from the designers focused on lighting solutions and they understand the power and meaning of it. Lighting design is beautiful and has a warm outer frame made of thirty-two […] More

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    What Kind of Skylight that Fits Best For Your Home?

    Before answering the question of what kind of skylight that fits best for your home, let’s dig fundamental information about skylight. What is skylight? Why use skylight? Skylight is any horizontal window, roof lantern or oculus, placed at the roof of the building, and often used for day lighting. It admits more light per unit […] More