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    Crystal of Knowledge; the Largest Library in Asia

    Where would the largest library in Asia located? The answer is in Depok, West Java – Indonesia. The library which is also called “Crystal of Knowledge” is built on 33,000 meter square inside area of University of Indonesia, a state-comprehensive world class university. Some of you might surprise to hear this fact. Well, just come […] More

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    Home Library’s Furniture Selection

    Because of aesthetic as well as functional concerns, furniture selection is one of the most important aspects of the interior design of a library. The furnishings selected for a library should reflect the overall interior design concept of the building. In small home library projects with no interior designer, the one who selects the furnishings […] More

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    Basic Consideration in Home Library Interior Design

    Suppose you are a book lovers or a nerd who obsessed with any particulars knowledge. You might have hundreds or thousands books of yourself! Where would you put them all when a couple of bookshelves were not enough? Well, try to concept and build a single room just for your books. Yup, a home library […] More