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    Helpful Laundry Room IKEA hack You Need to Know

    Laundry room is probably the least favorite place in your house. Not only it is stuffy but also is the place that explains the price tag on your electricity bill. To some, laundry room is a dumpster: the old toy of the first boy, the empty box from the last house move to the dirty […] More

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    Energy-Saving Laundry Tips

    Buying an energy-efficient washer and dryer is one way to create a more sustainable laundry room, but when it comes to actually doing a load of laundry, you might be. Wash Clothes in Cold Water Washing a load of laundry in warm water requires a substantial amount of energy, and that is just to heat […] More

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    which washing machine and dryer are right for me?

    Even though the kitchen is laden with power-hungry appliances, it is usually laundry room that is typically responsible for the largest consumption of energy in the home. No other household activity consumes more energy and water than doing a load of laundry. Therefore, when someone wants to be greener at home, the laundry room is […] More

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    Modern Laundry Room Furniture Design by Valcucine

    Are you tired of old laundry room ideas that are so basic? perhaps you are a modern person and hence you want your utility room to look as luxury as possible? Look no further, as I am showing you today a modern laundry room hack by Valcucine.¬†Valcucine tries to approach the problem holistically, with custom […] More