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  • Oborain Solo and Piccolo Outdoor Shower

    Oborain Solo and Piccolo Outdoor Shower

    The Oborain prefab shower for outdoor used (updated as of 3 Feb 2018) As of Feb 2018, when I check their website oborain, it is unfortunately down. This means the company is no longer in business, sadly. Nevertheless, this post is still here as a good reminder of how company can create such a creative […] More

  • Towel Peshtemal Striped Turkish Styles

    Towel Peshtemal Striped Turkish Styles

    Peshtemal is the hallmark of traditional home towel Turkey. Towel Peshtemal often also used to determine where a derived and a tradition in culture. In some places, it’s called pestamal or pestemal. There are many types of peshtamals, with a wide range of models and designs from different regions in Turkey. One of them, namely […] More

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    Beach House Decorated with Washed Wood in Modern Scandinavian Style | Scandinavian decorating

    Washed wooden decorations provide shelter island beach house a modern and elegant atmosphere for Scandinavian-style decor. This is a great example how cool decorating with washed wood in modern Scandinavian beach house. Performed in the cedar-influenced buildings around 1980, where many wood furniture such as wooden walls, wooden floors, wooden furniture and so on. Relax with […] More