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19 Modern Tudor Homes that Give Your Jaw Wide Open

beautiful interior of a Tudor Home

As part of my European’s visit, I passed by Strasbourg France. I came across this weird looking restaurant (Au Pont St Martin) which I then pass the photo to my Facebook Group for advice as to the age of the building. It turns out that the designed is called English Tudor or Cottage House. From the FB group, […]

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Brazilian Jungle House by Studio MK27

Brazilian office Studio MK27 jungle house from drone

Casa na Mata is a project name of this seclude Jungle House in Brazilian rain forest. This exclusive architecture is designed and developed by Brazilian Studio MK27. The location of this jungle house is located in Paulista Shore in the Rain Forest Region (i.e. in Guaruja sp. brazil). Overlooking the ocean, this Casa Na Mata […]

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Taormina home architecture ideas

Italian Home Plan

Italy is an interesting and full of historical event country. I have visited this Country at least on two occasions. The first occasion was in 2009 when I visited Rome, Florence and Venice. The second time was in November 2013 when I visited the historical sites of Syracusa and Taormina . In both occasions, I […]

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Traditional Cambodian House Design

Traditional Cambodian House

Cambodia is a land of fast development. Just like any other Country, development means more cool housing design as more and more people are getting richer and therefore they have full access to modern housing material. With more than 400km of coast line, Cambodia is also well known for its housing development on those city […]

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Crystal of Knowledge; the Largest Library in Asia

Where would the largest library in Asia located? The answer is in Depok, West Java – Indonesia. The library which is also called “Crystal of Knowledge” is built on 33,000 meter square inside area of University of Indonesia, a state-comprehensive world class university. Some of you might surprise to hear this fact. Well, just come to the location to see it by your own eyes. The Library of University of Indonesia can accommodate about 20,000 visitors per day. It has just been launched on May 13th, 2011. As you can see from some pictures taken by R. Yugo Kartono Isal, Drs., M.Sc. via anakui below, the library has its own cinema room, computer library equipped with dozens of iMac, and off course lined of bookshelves which can afford 3-5 million collection of books. From far away, the building is look like an antiquity, but inside, it full of hi-tech. As a matter of fact, the library uses solar energy for energy requirements. University of Indonesia’s library is indeed well-balance blend of modern and stonemasonry.

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