Michael S. Iceland Contemporary Artistic Home in the Azore by Bernardo Rodrigues

Michael S. Iceland located in the Azores, where the house is unusual but very interesting match. It’s the creation of Portuguese designer Bernardo Rodrigues. Curved lines create a beautiful image that looks from a distance, resembles a flying bird’s wing.

Private homes are very nice, modern and elegant, one of the best when it comes to spend holidays in exotic locations such as the Azores. It has a modern design with curved volume and odd-shaped windows, but all the details, the overall look impressive. Being situated on an island, it is reasonable to deal with a lot of rain and wind, and curved walls and ornate design was developed specifically to protect against all these factors. This residence offers a range of glass wall that protects the population from all the rain and wind, but still allows them to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

This inn also includes a very nice roof terrace, ideal for relaxing. From there you can get the bank and the water and still feel comfortable and confident in your chair. This fog is really great, such a beautiful place to live, especially when in a stunning location. Azores is a beautiful exotic location, where it is impossible not to feel good.

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