Duplex in Filothei by Spacelab Architecture


Spacelab Architecture designed a interior of this unit in Athens, Greece.

Description from Spacelab Architecture:

The dual level unit was consecrated to us during a time a building was underneath construction. Changes in a building devise were done in sequence to emanate a really atmospheric kitchen, harmonize a vital area by repositioning a grate and rearranging a bathrooms and bedrooms.

On a fourth building of a unit a vital areas are located – vital room, kitchen, dual bedrooms and dual bathrooms. On a fifth building – tip building of a building – an additional ling area was combined with a kitchenette and a wc. This building opens out to a tiny pool glassy on one side. The element used were a consistent though nonetheless pointed contrariety between healthy – antiqued wood, lava stove – and tone full complicated materials such as corian, coloured glass, lacquer. All a spaces are renowned by their possess hue. Orange for a categorical kitchen, yellow for a kitchenette, immature for a categorical lavatory etc.
The staircase to a top building was designed by a array of steel vessel filled with wooden planks, a side of a staircase was lonesome with greige coloured glass. The coffetable and a bed were tradition designed for a project.

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Photography by Vaggelis Paterakis

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