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Home Decaration With Plastic Bottles

What are you doing with plastic bottle? Are you drinking only water or cola?  or You are making designs with this bottles? Which one? I dont know your answer but i tried some design project with plastic bottles.You dont chuck out your bottles you can make beatiful designs with this bottles. You onl need creative ideas. We will try some bottle designs now.

First design candle holder with plastic bottles:



Firstly cut the bottle caps and finally replace two bottle caps.Now, You have a candle holder.

Pencil case design with bottle plastic:



Get a plastic bottle then cut the bottle cap and we will use bottom of bottle and we need a thick rubber. You can select difiirent colors for your Pencil Case. I choice black color rubber. Finally replace your rubber to top. Now your Plastic bottle pencil case ready. You can use this pencil case with diffirent color pencils.

Plastic Bottle Moneybox:



You need six bottle cap for your plastic bottle moneybox. Firstly cut top of your bottles we will use only top of bottle. And we need 12 screws for stick bottle caps and our moneybox ready.

I showed you beatiful designs with plastic bottle it is very simple and easy. You can tdy this designs in your home.

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