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7 Pictures of Modern House’s Lawn at Night

Beautiful Lawn at dusk in a modern house

Whether rich or poor, people love to enjoy a beautiful lawn. Me include, with my GreenWorks 12Amp Lawn Mower (see picture below) I would lawn my small backyard’s lawn once every two weeks in the evening during summer. It is important to mow the lawn before it rains i.e. never ever mow a lawn after or […]

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25 Japanese fence design ideas you can implement for your house

wooden fence panel in a small backyard with japanese garden

Who does not love the zen design concept of a Japanese home? For me, harmony is an important aspect to any home. Therefore, I find Japanese design concept appealing. For instance, last month, I have written about 77 design idea for small garden based on Japanese garden concept, which has attracted lots of attention. As […]

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what colored vegetable to plant in garden?

Gardening will take on an entirely new significance when you put these brilliant vegetables in it. Friends and neighbors will be amazed and kids will adore showing off their great garden. Rainbow Carrots Develop red, yellow, orange and purple carrots with kaleidoscope combinations. These carrots retain the exact same tasty sweet flavor you are used […]

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container gardening ideas

The container gardening design allows you to grow everything from flowers to fresh produce in small spaces or limited sunlight areas. Using pots to do your gardening can be done anywhere, your courtyard or indoor. Unfortunately, container gardening sometimes look boring and scarce. With some simple design elements, you can create stunning gardens in a pot […]

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